Tuesday, October 19, 2010

self monitoring skills and incompetence

     Dr. Dunning is scared that in this day and age people suffer from an abnormal level of incompetence. The article speaks of various tests performed on individuals, and how it has led him to believe the truth in his theory. Towards the end of the article they discuss a possible treatment that was tested to correct the heightened sense of self perception, and inability to correct themselves. In conclusion i can't tell if the article is a joke or not.

     Zizek draws many comparisons to the way that the United States acted while occupying Iraq, and how the Occupied Iraqi government acted while being occupied. He also compares the treatment of war prisoners by by American guards to the hazing that more than likely occurred to bush while joining the skull and bones fraternity. Zizek also discusses the notion of community and how it can be portrayed in its purest and true sense when one of these inhumane acts occurs. Zizek cites the inhumane torture practices committed by the United States and its various organizations that patrol the world, throughout the world. My favorite reference was that of the CIA and its involvement in educating many South American and third world countries on the subject of torture, and how it should be carried out properly.

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