Tuesday, April 12, 2011

R&T Rachel & Trevor.


1.) Yes i believe that certain ideas in the video were quite possible. I also thought that some of the ideas were quite far fetched. In my opinion it was split right down the middle. But all the ideas were extremely interesting.
2.) I make art in various states of mind. I feel as though my most successful pieces are created when my mind is in a relaxed state.
3.) I think that extra terrestrials would more than likely not have a need for art. I would like to fantasize about the fact that some form of distant being would be highly intelligent. I would imagine them to have a utopian society, in which art would not be necessary. 
4.) I think that some sort of solid correlation might be able to be formed one day between the two, but I do not believe that they are similar in this day and age.
5.) Most definitely. My favorite part of your drawings involve the destruction of human beings.
7.) I can relate to your drawings on many levels. When viewing them I experience a high level of nostalgia. I feel as though your drawings relate to a culture that I was raised on. 
8.) I think that the DNA passing on code would be the natural form of drawing. As in it was set in to motion by something, but that does not necessarily make it art. Art is generally associated with the high levels of thought that human beings are capable of.


1.)  I have no idea if I would want to live forever or not. It is such a scary thought to tackle. This life is painful, and death is painful, and I have not idea of what will happen afterwards. If I could live forever I imagine that it would be highly painful as the universe is collapsing upon itself. One day you billions of years from now you would more than likely experience the inner workings of a black hole.
2.) I do think that one day humans will be able to instill consciousness into a machine.  They have been able to reproduce nearly every other aspect of human life with machines. I think that consciousness is the next step, and it is not that far away.
3.) I believe that his predictions might be somewhere in between completely crazy and completely sane.
4.) Most definitely. The faster that humans make advancements in technology, the faster they will find cures for diseases. There will also be improvements in many other aspects of life with the improvement of technology.
5.) I do believe that it is extremely important for an artist to utilize technology in this day and age. The reference that comes to mind would be the importance of fire to the caveman in creating the cave murals thousands of years ago. The utilization of as many technological advancements available at the time would be extremely important to the documentation of that era. 
6.) Most definitely. I believe that you use many cutting edge technological advancements that are highly complicated when you create your art.
7.) Predictions about the future of technological advancements may help the actual advancement of the technology. While I cannot make an educated statement about the matter, I do believe that it is important to make predictions. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


1.) Learning from my mistakes and not attempting to make them again has been a large form of gaining positive growth in my work. Attempting to realize certain mistakes has also been a big hurdle for myself.
2.) I suppose to me this artist would be dennis oppenheim. I attempt to make work that goes beyond who we are as humans. Work that attempts to personify the notion that we are not and extension of an ape, and that art is just a complicated for of mimicry. So therefore when thinking of my work such an artist would be fitting.
3.) I like for people to view my work as I do care wether or not my work is as beautiful to others as it is to me.
4.)I believe that the work is more satisfying. 
5.) Your work most definitely is informing of your views on the world around you. I see lots of expression in your marks, the color choices, and even the speed at which you were creating the piece.
6.)Most definitely. As I stated in the previous question it is almost as if I am re-hashing the experience with you.
7.)No self criticism is not really viewable in your work. But than again I more than likely have only seen pieces that you deem successful.


1.) I think that the fashion world and art world are separate entities that blend together on various occasions. I also think that they are highly influential to one another.
2.)I think that for something that is fashion oriented to be considered art the judgement would lie in the intention of the creator. Judgement of such things would be bestowed upon it  by people educated in the field of art.
3.)Yes I do think that fashion could be displayed as a sculpture even if it is wearable. The extreme evidence of this would be in the Black Acid coop that displayed their work at deitch. They silk screened shirts and put them in a bodega type setting. This also could have been viewed as a commentary on fashion and art.
4.)I cannot think of a reason why using tissue in your dresses would make you more of a feminist artist.
5.)This question feels like a riddle. If a dress was not wearable what would make them? I am guessing the answer would be a human would make them? I have not seen these dresses as I am guessing that they have not been made yet as you phrased the question in such a manner, so I must say that i cannot answer this question.
6.)If you wanted a dress to be less fashionable i am guessing you could smear it with ugly colors, or possibly feces of some sort.
7.)I would look at a mans suit the same way that I would look at a dress. I do not think that people would view it differently.


1.) I do not think that I would be very happy if a performance I had done became an internet meme.
2.) There is no informing, nor is there dismantling of the work. I still believe that they are making a parody of it.
3.)I suppose I would applaud. I would applaud to give thanks to the performer. The only reason I would not applaud would be if I was offended.
4.) I really do not know how to answer such a question.
5.)I don't know why a term would make me afraid of putting work online.
6.)I suppose not only could the artist recover, but also possibly use it to their advantage? I do not think things like these matter to the art world.
7.) I do not know wether you are conscious of, nor do I know if you care about, the attention from an audience that views your work.
8.)I felt as though the article was completely unrelated to the making of actual art.