Monday, December 13, 2010

Thesis Hypothesis

I believe that my work has been not consistent in nature. It is a constant goal to leave art school with a body of congruent work. This is something that i have already begun to fix as we have started this break. I believe that research is extremely important to the making of art. I plan on having six pieces done and ready to frame by the time that break is over with. I would like to continue to research entropic and iconoclastic ideas, and the possibility of converting those thoughts into images.

Semester Plan

My goals for the semester were met. I finished the amount of pieces that I claimed that I would for my senior show. I succeeded in making two prints a week in the Printmaking labs.
For Orals i plan on making one hundred prints. I also plan on making six hand framed photographs with text hand carved into each photo. I had also planned to do research on the concepts that I believe go along with my current art. I have ordered a book titled "Entropy and Art." The book was recommended to me by a professor, and I plan on reading it and using it to validity the thoughts behind much of my current artwork. 


For my application I requested to do an internship at a gallery in miami. I emailed the gallery director, met with him, and was granted an internship. The internship lasted one month. I experienced the various things that go into running a gallery.

Christine Mehring-Emerging Market

The negative and positive aspects of art fairs, and many mini art fairs, that are currently occurring is discussed throughout the article. The author uses moths fluttering around a flame to reference the massive amounts of people that attend these fairs yearly. A positive aspect of these fairs is that the types of people that attend these fairs are extremely varied. The visitors of these fairs are extremely varied in nature. The notion that capitalism and wealth play a large part in the success of a gallery, or even artist for that matter, is discussed in the article. KUNSTMARKT 67 is spoken of in the article as an answer to the rich and wealthy art collectors that thrive in areas like New York City. It seemed as though the fairs that occurred throughout the sixties went through many trials and many errors, but in the end succeeded in capturing that is what should properly occur at an art fair showing what is actually new and exciting. I believe that much of the excitement at these early german art fairs may have come from political dissent that the country was experiencing at that time. 

Burgess/contemporary art

I could not tell if this video was meant to be a funny representation of the art that they are discussing. THe video was four minutes long, and shot in a "andersonesque" style. They discuss early art throughout the first minute of the video. Towards the middle the narrator discusses the fact that conceptual art can be anything. He claims that it "can even be candy on the floor." In the end he makes a joke about taking the notion of the video out on a date. I did not really understand the video.

Digital Nation

I believe that this video is completely relevant to many of the art pieces that are being created in this day and age. The way that we we interact is one hundred percent completely affected by technology. In the beginning of the video they address the fact that technology literally affects every aspect of a persons life that lives in the United States. Not only does it affect how we work, but it also affects the ways in which we play. I believe that things like this should be analyzed as it is an obvious sign of our time. There are many negative and positive aspects that come with technology and the affect that has on our society. My favorite part of the video was the discussion of wether or not addiction to the internet is a public health crisis. The discussion of South Korea and its gaming and the discussion of the many negative experiences that their youth have had with adapting to actual reality is discussed. The topic of children being overwhelmed by the internet is also introduced into the discussion. Children not being taught to use computers responsibly is a discussion that is also introduced as a solution to the problem of their disassociation with reality.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mark Byrne-Marina Abramovic-Red Velvet Rope

The article discusses the various negative criticisms that Abramovic has received about her latest piece at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. There was a man who claimed to have waited in line for nearly eight hours multiple times just to experience her piece. Bjork as well as her family were allowed to skip a large portion of the line, which made it hard for nearly anyone of the public sector to view the piece that day, even though many had waited in line to do so. The problem was supposedly addressed by the MOMA staff, and VIP viewing of the performance was taken away to nearly everyone. The only VIP was marisa tomei who skipped the line on the closing date of the performance, and viewed the piece before the museum opened. I believe that the museum does need to take things like these into consideration when having a piece on view in their museum.

Zizek on the Sound of Music and Crossdressing

Zizek discusses the possible deeper meanings portrayed throughout the music "The Sound of Music." The possibility that the roles were subconsciously reversed is brought up towards the beginning of the discussion. While the family portrayed in the musical appears to be austrian and anti-facist, Zizek explores the possibility that it is actually quite the opposite. The family is portrayed as blonde, beautiful, and all similar in nature. He also discusses the presentation of the nazi officers in the film. He claims that the officers were actually portrayed as what would be defined as the cosmopolitan jew of the time. In the end he claims that all these subconscious factors may have contributed to the huge success of the film.

sound of music video

This video was extremely strange. At the beginning of the video the sound of music starts playing. People start performing a choreographed dance to the video. Towards the end of the video the music breaks into what appears to be a techno remix of the song. More dancers pour into the auditorium through the stairs from upper levels. Extremely strange.


Critique 1-
I met with nathan to discuss my ideas for my senior show. we spoke about different ideas that I had for the
event. we spoke about the content of the photos that i was going to possibly use for the show.

Critique 2-
I met with Kim the following week to discuss possible arrangement of pieces for senior show. We also discussed how I was going to present the work.

Critique 3-  I had the visiting artist Harmony Hammond visit my studio to discuss my work. We analyzed the content of the photographs that I presented to her. We discussed the notion of feminism, and it's role in my photographs.

Critique 4- I spoke with Nathan in my studio about the ideas that I have been having on creating work for orals. We also discussed some tactics that I could possibly use to help my orals run smoothly, as I am not comfortable with speaking in public about my work. As a  result of the conversation I have been keeping a notebook to take notes in, and will prepare a key list of ideas to discuss during orals.

Group Critique 1- The class critiqued my senior show. The class questioned my arrangement of the work. I considered the ideas presented, and changed the arrangement accordingly. The idea of using text in combination with the work was also introduced.

Group Critique 2-The class viewed the work that i have been working on in preparation for orals next semester. I also introduced the idea of presenting two separate bodies of work during orals.

Agnes Martin

The video with painter Agnes Martin was extremely refreshing to watch. The poor audio quality makes it hard for me to make out a lot of the ideas that Martin speaks of throughout the interview, and her aged voice does nothing to aid it either. She discusses various ideas that have influenced her work throughout her life. Agnes martin discusses nature and how it has influenced her work. She responds that people make emotional responses to her work that stems from their view beyond nature. This I believe is a very important concept to keep in mind when viewing her paintings.

Susan Sontag-Against interpretation

Mimesis (Ancient Greekμίμησις, from μιμεῖσθαι 'to imitate') is a critical and philosophical term that carries a wide range of meanings, which include: imitationrepresentationmimicryimitatio, nonsensuous similarity, the act of resembling, the act of expression, and the presentation of the self.[1] Mimesis has been theorised by PlatoAristotlePhilip SidneySamuel Taylor ColeridgeSigmund FreudWalter Benjamin,Theodor AdornoErich AuerbachLuce IrigarayRené GirardPhilippe Lacoue-LabartheMichael TaussigMerlin DonaldPaul Ricoeur,[citation needed] and Homi Bhabha.
Art is broken down, and analyzed through the texts of various philosophers. The philosophers theories used throughout the text range from those of ancient origins, to those who have been alive within the last hundred or so years. The notion that art can be experienced on many different levels is spoken of throughout the article. The author makes an excellent reference to dante at one point in the article referencing the levels in which art is viewed.