Monday, December 13, 2010

Christine Mehring-Emerging Market

The negative and positive aspects of art fairs, and many mini art fairs, that are currently occurring is discussed throughout the article. The author uses moths fluttering around a flame to reference the massive amounts of people that attend these fairs yearly. A positive aspect of these fairs is that the types of people that attend these fairs are extremely varied. The visitors of these fairs are extremely varied in nature. The notion that capitalism and wealth play a large part in the success of a gallery, or even artist for that matter, is discussed in the article. KUNSTMARKT 67 is spoken of in the article as an answer to the rich and wealthy art collectors that thrive in areas like New York City. It seemed as though the fairs that occurred throughout the sixties went through many trials and many errors, but in the end succeeded in capturing that is what should properly occur at an art fair showing what is actually new and exciting. I believe that much of the excitement at these early german art fairs may have come from political dissent that the country was experiencing at that time. 

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