Sunday, December 12, 2010


Critique 1-
I met with nathan to discuss my ideas for my senior show. we spoke about different ideas that I had for the
event. we spoke about the content of the photos that i was going to possibly use for the show.

Critique 2-
I met with Kim the following week to discuss possible arrangement of pieces for senior show. We also discussed how I was going to present the work.

Critique 3-  I had the visiting artist Harmony Hammond visit my studio to discuss my work. We analyzed the content of the photographs that I presented to her. We discussed the notion of feminism, and it's role in my photographs.

Critique 4- I spoke with Nathan in my studio about the ideas that I have been having on creating work for orals. We also discussed some tactics that I could possibly use to help my orals run smoothly, as I am not comfortable with speaking in public about my work. As a  result of the conversation I have been keeping a notebook to take notes in, and will prepare a key list of ideas to discuss during orals.

Group Critique 1- The class critiqued my senior show. The class questioned my arrangement of the work. I considered the ideas presented, and changed the arrangement accordingly. The idea of using text in combination with the work was also introduced.

Group Critique 2-The class viewed the work that i have been working on in preparation for orals next semester. I also introduced the idea of presenting two separate bodies of work during orals.

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