Monday, December 13, 2010

Digital Nation

I believe that this video is completely relevant to many of the art pieces that are being created in this day and age. The way that we we interact is one hundred percent completely affected by technology. In the beginning of the video they address the fact that technology literally affects every aspect of a persons life that lives in the United States. Not only does it affect how we work, but it also affects the ways in which we play. I believe that things like this should be analyzed as it is an obvious sign of our time. There are many negative and positive aspects that come with technology and the affect that has on our society. My favorite part of the video was the discussion of wether or not addiction to the internet is a public health crisis. The discussion of South Korea and its gaming and the discussion of the many negative experiences that their youth have had with adapting to actual reality is discussed. The topic of children being overwhelmed by the internet is also introduced into the discussion. Children not being taught to use computers responsibly is a discussion that is also introduced as a solution to the problem of their disassociation with reality.

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