Tuesday, February 8, 2011


     After finishing page three of the article, I had to walk to the library desk and ask the librarian for a hi-liter. The article jumped between so many ideas and examples within the first three pages alone. I felt as though a prescription of Ritalin might have been more beneficial than attempting to root through muck of ideas that the author is bringing in to play. I did enjoy the comparison of the I-pod design flowing into the design of many everyday things. The author makes the claim that his neighborhood has succumbed to the i-pod design invasion.
     "Optional environments, optional creatures. Made for each other." This statement was made after the author made a paragraph rant about some of the more important advancements humans have made over the past fifty or so years. The amalgamation of all these things into one possible entity is a scary and formidable thought. The supreme example of this idea is accredited to the example of a quadriplegic whose paralytic state has been "cured" by connecting him so a large amount of wires, which enable him to control a computer mouse. This literary representation of the crippled man serves as a puppet to make claims that the meshing of human life and technology is more than likely going to advance to more bizzare, and macabre, states in the near future.

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