Thursday, February 17, 2011

Michelle Grabner artist talk?USF

So tonight I attended an artist talk by Michelle Grabner at USF in Tampa. The talk was extremely interesting. A large portion of her talk concentrated on an exhibition space that she has started out of her home in Chicago called "Suburban".The artists and work that she has shown thus far in the "Suburban" exhibition space are extremely interesting, and most definitely worth paying attention to.The requirements for artists that show at Suburban are fairly loose, the main rule being that the artists may not be from Chicago. The last rule is that the work shown within the space are not for sale, therefore the exhibition space is a non for profit entity. She also has an exhibition space called the poor house in a small rural town outside of Chicago. Here are links to the two various spaces that she owns and runs, as well as some notes that I took during her talk.
as well as an article on her exhibition space the poor house

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