Thursday, February 17, 2011

Robert Smithson/entropy

     I did not realize,until many days after I had read the article, that the author was the creator of the sculpture "Spiral Jetty." I feel as though the role that he played in the earth art movement plays a crucial role in the opinions that are conveyed throughout the text. The notion of entropy being something that can occur on a social scale was a new concept at that time. In this current day and age people can use the term on a personal scale.
    The term extropy was not coined until 1984. The author refers to extropy as "reverse entropy" throughout the article. Smithson also mentions that actions like recycling contain "reverse entropic" properties. In this day and age extropy has been stretched to other ideas and actions that pertain to the maximization of human life. A strong example of such a thing would be a drug that prevents, or slows down, aging within humans.

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