Tuesday, February 22, 2011


     While the article remained slightly over a page in length, and attempted to cover an authors entire life of work, it was still extremely successful.The idea of predestination being challenged at that time was an extremely daring thought. The idea of this shook the very idea of organized religion, and essentially religion as a notion, to its core. The main idea that Sartre conveys was dumbed down by the articles author. The idea that your existence precedes and defines your essence. While the notion of this was simplified, it does convey the ideas that Sartre was attempting to explain with his literary works. In my work there has been a huge influence some ideas that were contemplated in this writing. The main idea that has influenced my work would be the thought that one day your essence will  simply cease to exist. Dealing with thoughts like these are a daily battle in my life. While i do believe that early french existentialist authors are generally full of swill, I thoroughly enjoyed an author dumbing down his simple form of philosophy. 

     I do not agree that the Ehow article provided a good example of conceptual art. The fact that there is an Ehow article on conceptual art does not change the way that I think about conceptual art by any means. There is one large difference between the Ehow article and the Bob Ross painting show, the fact that Bob Ross could paint beautiful shrubbery. It is possible that high art can survive in the modern world, and will more than likely continue to do so for many years.  

Adrian Piper/Therese 
     I do not feel as though I would like to discuss what stereotypes that I may or may not fit into. I suppose that I feel most masculine when I am taking a trip to the store to by cologne made for men, or perhaps being fitted for a suit. I do not generally ever feel feminine, nor do I have any desire to. You may not take a video of either of my actions. I do not know how to feel about Adrian Piper being put on a suspicious traveler list as the article did not provide enough information about the event. There was not enough information provided in the article for me to form an opinion on her work. 

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