Tuesday, March 22, 2011


      My political concerns are directly related to the internal condition of the United States of America. Many events that happen in this world beyond myself carry many consequences that have a direct affect on my life. I do not believe that these consequences are visible in my work, but do indirectly shape ideas that are evident in my body of work.
     Artists should provide any insight that they deem pertinent to their current situation. I am not educated enough in the field of poetry to answer wether or not poets are uniquely suited to speak publicly about human aspirations. Therefore I choose not to answer such a question. Many artists that I view, and have viewed, throughout the years have been known to make commentaries on various political situations.
    To be politically active one must have a hand in changing the political situation that surrounds them.
    I do not know if I can relate to the work that you have made this year. I do read the New York times in the morning, I believe that might be the extent of it.

    I do not know what would make your work "better." Maybe get a "hype man?" I have no idea how one would begin to answer such a question?

    Well you do trace the covers of various New York Times newspapers. I believe that the standpoints of that specific newspaper would be considered liberal? I really have no idea...

    When I read the New York Times it gives me various insights into world events. So maybe that piece would give me insight into various world events?


The poor image is a "copy in motion." Other ideas were expressed on the true definition of a poor image, but that gives the most concise answer to the question.

There are various classifications that categorize an image by its "quality."  An example of this would be the differences between low resolution images, and high resolution images.

Experimental work would be work that has broken boundaries that were previously placed on work similar to it.

Painting has many direct assoctiations with the quality of an image. This affect was evident when the camera was invented.

I do consider the measure of quality that an image contains when making work. For one not to consider such things would be foolish. The human condition also plays a large part in nearly every artists body of work.

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