Tuesday, March 29, 2011


The Reading for Alex Plemmons

1.) I do not know if destruction is crucial to abstracting an object, image, or idea. The viewer of a painting will more than likely search for the image as they can relate to it within an abstract painting. A good of this is the Kazimir Malevich painting below entitled "Landscape with Yellow House." After analyzing the painting for a minute or so the viewer would not search for what has been removed from the landscape, but rather what remains of it. They will attempt to see the house as opposed to viewing what is left of it.
2.) I do not wish to discuss such things. I do believe that my medium is fitting to my work. But these are things that will change over time. Everything is always changing, even the ideas. I do not believe that one medium will be constantly fitting to my ideas. 
3.) I believe that the photos selected were selected due to their marketability. I do not believe there was, or could, have been any other reasoning behind it. The artist was extremely bland. To attempt to pull such ideas out of such a situation is pushing the envelope.
4.) There are similarities between art and documentation... In some cases the art can be documentation... And so on and so forth.
5.) I saw many similarities between the work that you make, and the art created by the artist in the article that you presented us. To use words like environment and mood is hard for me. It is hard for me to pull emotions from "abstract landscape" paintings. I believe that they are successful in their own right. It is hard for me to put a level of success upon a painting of this category as well. I feel as though that is like telling your child that he ran the bases wrong during a tee-ball game. These are things that are by no means necessary no matter what the situation.
6.) I am not quite sure, nor have I been informed of, the message in your paintings. I was told that they were aerial views of landscapes. Once again I am baffled at how I am supposed to answer a question like this. I want to say that you should take your own photos to use as reference, but statements like these are not for me to make. 
7.) I believe scale is extremely important to a piece of work. I have posted an ideal situation below in which scale became a necessary factor to the success of the concept within the piece.

8.) I am once again confused when you ask the question of my thoughts on your color palette. I do not think about the color palette when I view your paintings. I suppose for your next painting I would suggest using colors that makes energy visible. A concept that Pollock used for a chunk of his career, and it seemed pretty successful.

The reading for Shellie
1.) I definitely think that there is quite a bit of satire that could be used in reference to modern art school when dealing with the work of Woody Allen. The conversation of the size of a painting was one of the first things that came to mind when reading the article.
2.) I do not feel as though i am surrounded by people that feel the need to fake liking my work. If I were to think such a thing I would be disgusted with myself. I would also feel as though I was being paranoid. Even if people were faking emotions with my work, they can fuck off. Who would need to do such a thing? This question has my mind completely baffled. To say the least I do not feel as though I have ever faked such emotions.
3.) I feel as though art can swing to either side of such a fence. It depends on the person making it, and what they were feeling or going through at the time. This can relate to the aesthetics involved with an art piece.
4.) I put an extreme amount of care into my work when I am creating it. The work I have been making is done when it is done. Recently I did have to have a piece fixed in a certain part due to the fact that the vinyl was not put on correctly.
5.) I do have an intellectual response when I view your work.
6.) ME-5 YOU-5
7.) I have no idea why you would tend to reject intellectualizing art. To do so would be ignorant. To Intellectualize are is one of the many qualities that differentiates us from our distant cousin the Ape. To reject the intellectualization of art would be to rob yourself of culture.
8.)Your art is most definitely relaxing to the viewer. I find your work to be calming. I find the same soothing qualities in your work that I find in viewing the way that nature is portrayed in many older Japanese prints.

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