Thursday, March 3, 2011


I felt as though both articles read in succession to one another were extremely pertinent to my life as an American citizen. The collective subconscious of the American psyche is an extremely dangerous, and apathetic, entity. This apathy found in our minds is a direct result of the greed that capitalism instills upon our every day lives. A small notion of optimism was placed instilled in my mind after reading the articles based on the ideas of Thoreau. The only attempt one can make to fix this sick machine, comprised of our American psyche, is to abandon our greedy aspirations placed upon us by the capitalist machine. These machines, that Thoreau speaks of, will more than likely continue to function successfully as a whole well beyond my years on this Earth. The notion of rectifying this extremely flawed machine is not an option in my mind. The only success that one can experience when dealing with this machine is to completely detach themselves from it. I truly believe that once you have detached yourself from this large mechanical apparatus you will find complete gratification, as opposed to half contentedness.

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