Tuesday, April 5, 2011


1.) I think that the fashion world and art world are separate entities that blend together on various occasions. I also think that they are highly influential to one another.
2.)I think that for something that is fashion oriented to be considered art the judgement would lie in the intention of the creator. Judgement of such things would be bestowed upon it  by people educated in the field of art.
3.)Yes I do think that fashion could be displayed as a sculpture even if it is wearable. The extreme evidence of this would be in the Black Acid coop that displayed their work at deitch. They silk screened shirts and put them in a bodega type setting. This also could have been viewed as a commentary on fashion and art.
4.)I cannot think of a reason why using tissue in your dresses would make you more of a feminist artist.
5.)This question feels like a riddle. If a dress was not wearable what would make them? I am guessing the answer would be a human would make them? I have not seen these dresses as I am guessing that they have not been made yet as you phrased the question in such a manner, so I must say that i cannot answer this question.
6.)If you wanted a dress to be less fashionable i am guessing you could smear it with ugly colors, or possibly feces of some sort.
7.)I would look at a mans suit the same way that I would look at a dress. I do not think that people would view it differently.

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