Tuesday, April 5, 2011


1.) Learning from my mistakes and not attempting to make them again has been a large form of gaining positive growth in my work. Attempting to realize certain mistakes has also been a big hurdle for myself.
2.) I suppose to me this artist would be dennis oppenheim. I attempt to make work that goes beyond who we are as humans. Work that attempts to personify the notion that we are not and extension of an ape, and that art is just a complicated for of mimicry. So therefore when thinking of my work such an artist would be fitting.
3.) I like for people to view my work as I do care wether or not my work is as beautiful to others as it is to me.
4.)I believe that the work is more satisfying. 
5.) Your work most definitely is informing of your views on the world around you. I see lots of expression in your marks, the color choices, and even the speed at which you were creating the piece.
6.)Most definitely. As I stated in the previous question it is almost as if I am re-hashing the experience with you.
7.)No self criticism is not really viewable in your work. But than again I more than likely have only seen pieces that you deem successful.

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