Tuesday, April 5, 2011


1.) I do not think that I would be very happy if a performance I had done became an internet meme.
2.) There is no informing, nor is there dismantling of the work. I still believe that they are making a parody of it.
3.)I suppose I would applaud. I would applaud to give thanks to the performer. The only reason I would not applaud would be if I was offended.
4.) I really do not know how to answer such a question.
5.)I don't know why a term would make me afraid of putting work online.
6.)I suppose not only could the artist recover, but also possibly use it to their advantage? I do not think things like these matter to the art world.
7.) I do not know wether you are conscious of, nor do I know if you care about, the attention from an audience that views your work.
8.)I felt as though the article was completely unrelated to the making of actual art.

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